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Simple & Unique Gifts for Climbers

Simple & Unique Gifts for Climbers

It started out as a New Year’s Resolution to draw more and turned into a sticker collection of rock climbing destinations. Some ideas come easily and others can take longer. Finding little characteristics of each destination to display on a 1.7” x 1.97” hexagon sticker can be challenging, but when it comes all together and I get to place a new sticker on my laptop.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone that loves to climb, hike, ride bikes, and travel, this outdoor sticker collection is a great idea! Start the collection of places you love, want to go, or mark the places you visited. The stickers have a durable UV finish which make a great sticker for outdoor or indoor use. Place them on your laptop, water bottle, coffee mug, car, phone, or any place you can make them stick.

Want to start your collection? Find available sticker destinations on Etsy. Each sticker is only $3 and offers free shipping within the US. More designs are always be ing uploaded so check back often or follow us on Instagram @yamaclimbing

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Available Sticker designs

  1. Ten Sleep, WY

  2. Hueco Tanks, TX

  3. Joe’s Valley, UT

  4. Yosemite Valley, CA

  5. Magic Wood, Switzerland

  6. Font & Bleau, France

  7. Rifle Mountain Park, CO

  8. Palm Springs Tramway, CA

  9. Red Rock Canyon, NV

  10. Bishop, CA

  11. Joshua Tree, CA

Train to Busan

Train to Busan

Tour de Montpellier & Nimes, France

Tour de Montpellier & Nimes, France