Creeksgiving in Indian Creek

Sometimes climbing injuries make you explore new activities. With this injury and luckily still being able to do some sort of climbing, it lead to crack climbing. We've been to the creek once and Thanksgiving break was coming up, so we decided to checkout what Creeksgiving in Indian Creek was all about. 

Besides large groups gathered up on specific climbs, we were still able to climb amazing routes. We climbed at the Supercrack, Battle of the Bulge, Scarface, and Optimator. The sun was out which was great for the mornings and once it heated up, we were able to find some shade in a corner. 

Once the days were done, we made Creek Pasture Campground our home for the week. Our friend Kirk had been camping out for few weeks and luckily we were able to squeeze our van in, along with a crew of climbers from Solvenia.

On Thanksgiving day, did some climbing and headed to the back to the campground. The Access Fund had turkey, pumpkin pie, and beer at their site so we gathered there for little bit. We kept it pretty mellow and watched the bonfires go off at all the sites.

During our trip, we took a rest day and headed to Moab. This is one of the coolest towns. The streets are filled mountain bikers, jeeps, climbers, and hikers. Moab is an amazing outdoor playground. I had to work that day, so I spend most of the morning at Red Rock Bakery & Cafe. This place has a variety of pastries and on a busy weekend, they'll start to run out so get there early. When I wrapped up worked, we head to Arches National Park had enough time to hike out to one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen.

Overall, the trip was amazing and we can't wait to spend more time here.  

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