How I learned how to ride a motorcycle

In California, I never thought about learning to ride a motorcycle. It scares me to drive a car. However, once I moved to Colorado and being around watching Steve build his Honda and buying a Triumph, I slowly become more interested. Mostly dreaming of taking off and riding in the countryside of another country. 

When the time was right, I signed up to take motorcycle class. I attended a weekend class at Iron Buffalo Motorcycle Training in Denver. I was extremely nervous but I passed. The class includes workbook lecture time but most of the time, it's hands-on. You learn the basics, receive helpful tips, and if you pass, you walk away with your motorcycle license!

For anyone looking to learn, I'd recommend taking a similar course. There are things I learned that I'm sure Steve probably wouldn't have mentioned. You don't ride away a pro and riding takes a lot of practice but taking the class made me feel more confident having a huge chuck of metal between my legs. Luckily, it's easy to get out to country roads and I slowly worked my way riding in more traffic. It been super fun and I think my bicycle misses me. 

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