Mallorca: Unlimited Climbing and Pastries

It’s been a rough week. I didn’t get a birthday send on my project, we all got a stomach bug, and our car got broken into in Barcelona, but I think Aisli experienced the worst. The morning of flight to Mallorca, Aisli was looking nauseous as we rode the bus to the airport. Check-in went smoothly, however, once we got to our gate, I was walking Aisli back and forth to the bathroom because she had to vomit. Sad to say, the vomiting didn’t stop. We landed and it was over all her and continued most of the day.

We finally got settled into our Airbnb in Port de Sóller. We planned to spend the first half of the trip sport climbing and then stay in Porto Cristo to deep water solo. This was to cut down on the driving, however, we still ended up driving across Mallorca to climb. Our recommendation would be to stay in Port Sóller. We really loved this town. The bakeries are delicious and prime sport climbing is nearby. There is a guidebook for the Mallorca, but there’s also tons of climbing not in the book. Our tip to you is to get to know the locals and you’ll be amazed.

For deep water soloing, we spent two days in Cala Varques and one day we went on a boat with Rock and Water Mallorca. Cala Varques has a few areas to climb. We got lucky as most of the climbing was dry for this time of the year. When we weren’t climbing, we were snorkeling. There was no beach lounging on this trip.

Our day out with Rock and Water Mallorca was amazing. Sebastian showed us the climbing and snorkeling. You can watch some of our swimming adventures on YouTube. We even swam through underwater tunnels and found some awesome swimming holes. Then it was time to climb. We stopped at three different spots and each person took turns stepping off the boat and getting on the rock. Once you step off it’s go time. Usually you immediately have to start making moves.Most of the time there’s no chalk and you figure out your line as you climb. If you screw it up, you fall into the water. And maybe in the water, there are jellyfish. Luckily, no stings.

Eight days in Mallorca was not enough and we’re really jealous that Europeans can get cheap flights to this island. We don’t know when we’ll return but we can’t wait to get back!

For those you that love food, here is our list of places bakeries we visited. Mallorca is known for it’s Ensaimada’s, so eat as many as you can while you’re here. Use Google Maps to locate these places.

  1. Forn del St. Cristo

  2. Pasteria La Larena

  3. Forn Can Panxeta

  4. Ainere Catering for quick prepared foods.

Must-try foods that we had in Mallorca

  1. Sobrassada - There’s a butcher shop called Ca’N Matarino.

  2. Coca Mallorquina - A nice crag food. It’s similar to a pizza and can be found at the bakeries.

  3. Cocarrois - Similar to an empanadas. They’re like a little handheld pot pie filled with vegetables, meat, or fish. Some were savory and some were more sweet, but there’s a variety to choose from.

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