Stepping out of your Comfort Zone

It's my last day of work and soon I won't have the security of a consistent paycheck. Our savings will start to dwindle and belongings are going into storage. Home will be Airbnb's and our van. There will be language barriers. What ifs will run through our heads and uncomfortable situations will happen.

But this is what we've been planning for years, ever since Steve landed a contract job on the Cassini Mission. The satellite was scheduled to crash on Sept. 15th, 2017 and soon after the mission would come to an end. Knowing that his job would end one way or another, we decided to save our pennies, build out a van, and went on with life with set goals in mind.

As much as I love my comfort zone, I find myself stepping out regularly and because of that I think I've done some pretty awesome shit. Now I'm taking time off to focus on climbing with the hope to send the scary grade of 8a. My first day bouldering, my feet never went higher than 3 ft. off the ground. If there's an exposed edge, you'll find me scooting on my ass with a tear or two running down my face. I watch people warm up on my project. But still, over the years, I've topped out boulders, walked instead of butt crawled, and sent some warm-ups. But if I had never tried, my life wouldn't look like this right now.

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