The Beginning of Van Life

At the beginning of the year, we bought our van. If we aren't climbing, we are researching, planning, building, and sometimes re-doing. Like an oil painting, it takes countless hours before you start seeing the big picture. 

This is Juno from the very start. An empty white van with plans to take our family of 3 around the US. As of today, she has filled out a little bit more. 

We've insulated, upholstered half of the walls, rails for the bed, 2 windows, installed a backup camera, added a fan, a bench with storage, painted the back doors, mapped out our wiring, added wood flooring, made a bug screen, and insulated window covers.  The plan is build this little beast out to be pretty comfortable while we travel to climbing destinations around the US. 

We plan on spending time in Rifle, Hueco Tanks, Squamish, Red River Gorge, Bishop, and many more places, including time in Spain and France. Most of the time we'll be climbing and filling up our free time with fly fishing, biking, exploring, and fitting in some work. 

Bringing our 11-year old that isn't quite psyched about it may be challenge, but we hope things will change over the next year. We're mentioning it to her friends parents in hopes that she'll have some company throughout the trip. She'll homeschool and with her love for writing and video, she'll help document this time in her life.

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