Tips to Climbing in Rodellar, Spain

Some of the best ways to learn how to travel is to get out and do it, get beta from your friends, and read a lot of blogs. At least, that's how we do it. So if you're thinking of heading out to Rodellar, Spain to do some climbing, this is what we got out of our trip. 

Pack your climbing gear in your carry-on. To lose out on some days of climbing days because your luggage was lost would be terrible. We packed our quickdraws, shoes, grigri, chalk bag, and any clothes that we would really want on the trip. If you have room, take a rope, but we bought an 80m at Barrabes in Madrid for about 130 euros. We needed a longer rope and the price was right!

Before you drive up to Rodellar, get groceries. There are small mercados in Rodellar, but your selection is very limited. When it's time to shop, keep in mind the day and time. Most grocery stores are closed on Sundays and don't forget siesta. From 2pm-4pm, most shops are closed. Mercadona is a larger market and there is one located in Huesca and won’t be closed during those hours. 

When you rent a car, get the smallest one that you need. The streets can get narrow and parking can be tricky. Once you're get to Rodellar, you only need your car if you stay at El Puente, but your drive is only a couple minutes to the climbing parking area. 

Bring all the quickdraws you own. Rodellar is not like Rifle and there aren't permadraws on almost every climb. We only brought 17 draws and some days that wasn't enough when we had different projects. Most routes are 25m-40m and they are all amazing!

Where to stay in Rodellar. We stayed at Camping El Puente. Our room accommodates 2-6 people. It would fit 4 people comfortably. Depending on the time of the year, a room will cost 37-122 euros. It's a small two-bedroom with a stove, fridge, kitchen table, and patio. We loved our spot! A couple more recommendations are Valle de Rodellar and Kalandraka.

Take a dip in the water. One of the days, we bought an inflatable raft and paddled upriver and explored climbing areas that you have to access by boat. If you have time, go canyoning.  About 30 minutes away is a swimming hole called Bierge that you should visit.

Don't forget your kneepad. This place is filled with tufas and kneebars. Cushion up those thighs so you keep on climbing.

Look for the labeled stones to help find out which routes are what. New routes are added and depending if you have a book or not, this is a helpful way to find what route you want to get on.

We headed out to Rodellar the end of May until mid June and we had great weather. There were a couple of hot days but that didn't stop people from sending. In May, you may find that some of the climbs might still be seeping, but by the end of trip, they drying out. Place are cheaper to stay at during the Spring and Fall. Rodellar is known for their canyoning so prices will go up to 100 euros a night. Camping is still available and most of the walls are in the shade, so if it's the only time you can head out there, you can still get climbing in since the canyon has morning and afternoon shade. 

Hopefully some of these tips will help you out on your trip to Rodellar. I can't wait to get back! blog

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