Weekend in Busan

During our stay in South Korea, we decided to spend a weekend in Busan. To make our train ride more exciting, we wanted to watch Train to Busan, but it was only available in Korean with no English subtitles so we didn’t get to give ourselves a little scare. However, if you plan on taking a train to Busan, you should watch it.

Here is our Train to Busan video on Youtube.

We arrived to the train station on Saturday morning and took the three hour ride from Songtan. Once we arrived to Busan, we took the metro to Haedundae Beach to our hostel called With Guesthouse. We had a small room with two bunks in a very pink room.

Our first destination was Songjeong Samdae Gukbap. The restaurant is known for having a line but it moves quickly. We ordered the pork rice soup which comes with many condiments to flavor your soup as you wish. Very delicious.

We hopped on the metro to Jagalchi and walked around the shops and slowly made our way to Gamcheon Village. The hill soon started to go uphill so we caught a taxi to drive us the rest of the way. Gamcheon Culture Village is made up of homes covering the foothills. Many alleys and small roads weave through the vibrantly colored and decorated homes.


n the evening, we headed to Haeundae Beach. It was time for dinner and even though we had fried chicken on our mind, we ended up having Dakgalbi (Korean bbq). The restaurant was outdoors and instead of having a gas stove, they placed hot coals for cooking. The Haedundae Beach area is a good place to visit. The area is filled with shops and food in and around the Haeundae Market. Be sure to pick up a Ssiat hotteok there. Afterwards, go for a stroll by the beach and you may even find performers or fireworks, even though they’re not allowed.

Our second day, we visited the Hondae Yonggungsa Temple. The temple was constructed in the 14th-century and sits right next to the sea. The entrance is free and save a few coins to toss in the wishing well.


n the afternoon, we explored the Jagalchi Market which is a local market to buy seafood and has small places to have your seafood prepared. Afterwards, we made our way to Gukje Market which is filled with vendors selling street food and all kinds of knick knacks.

Even though we were only in Busan for two and a half days, we got to see many of the sights before the zombie outbreak. 😊

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