What to do in 24 hours in Miami

Our flight landed around 9:30 pm. We Ubered to our hotel and luckily, all our gear fit in their car. We were hungry so we quickly settled into our room and walked down to Playa Cafe. It's a little diner-style Cuban cafe with delicious sandwiches at a good price. If you go don't be surprised if you need to use your Spanish, we used the opportunity as our warm-up for Spain. We took our food to-go and sat along Ocean Blvd. For a Tuesday night, the crowds were out, the music was still playing and fancy cars were cruising the streets. 

The next morning, we woke up early to start exploring. For breakfast, we grabbed pastries and coffee from Olas Cafe and headed to South Pointe Pier to eat on the pier. Growing up on the West Coast in California, sitting on the pier watching the sunrise over the ocean felt a little odd. 

Soon, the girls were getting antsy to get into the water. We grabbed our swimsuits and spent a few hours on the beach. Here is a quick video our time at the beach. The water was refreshing and the temps were perfect. It was so nice that we forgot to put sunscreen on and we all got really sunburned. Carrying bags to and from the airport over the next 24 hours was not fun!

In our last hours in Miami, we had lunch at La Sandwicherie. The sandwiches are made with fresh bread and veggies, which was delicious in the warm temps.  For two months, Aisli's friend Winnie is joining us and she gots to start the trip with her 13th birthday in Miami. Since Boba is her favorite, we went to Mui's Tea

We had a good 24 hours in Miami. It unfortunatley ended with me leaving my phone at the MIA airport which was a huge bummer, but we had good weather and good food, so really can't complain about much!

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